Wedding Videography Is A MUST!

By Raffi Nalvarian

There isn’t a subtle way to say this - So here I go:  YOU MUST HAVE VIDEOGRAPHY AT YOUR WEDDING!!

I have personally been part of over 4000 events in my career and I can tell you I’ve seen a lot of pretty special moments.  Dads walking their little girls down the aisle, wedding vows between a soon to be husband and wife, all the friends and relatives, the toasts and of course all the dancing.  While it’s easy to say you will just remember the entire day.  I can guarantee you won’t.  I am speaking from experience.  I got married 17 years ago and I do remember so much about the day but recently I watched our video again and realized I had forgotten so much!  Some of our guests are no longer alive but my kids are able to see and hear the voices of old family members.  I am SO glad we have the video to look back on our wedding day!

Here is some commentary and links from some of our past wedding clients:

“I will NEVER regret booking a videographer through Sound in Motion! The wedding day went by so quickly and I am so glad I will get to look back on my wedding day forever.”

Amanda 2017

“The way they edited the video really brought us back to the wedding. The song choice for the video reel was also on point and really captured the soul of the event. I would use them again in a heartbeat.”

Philiam 2016

“WOW!!! I have no idea how they captured all of the moments, but they did. And they put it all together in such a special, memorable way.  They seriously went beyond my expectations and I cannot thank them enough for capturing such a special day. These guys are seriously talented - do not even think twice about using Sound in Motion for videography services as well, just do it!!!”

Lisa 2015

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Adrian Cavlan