Weekday Weddings: Better Prices, More Availability

Dance Party Any Night Of The Week!

Dance Party Any Night Of The Week!

By Murphy Park

Although the weekend will always be the premiere time for a wedding, weekday weddings hold a surprising amount of benefits, but as well of course, a few downsides. Whether you're looking to save a few dollars, or you're just willing to adjust in order to book your dream venue, don't write off the potential of a weekday wedding. It may come with a few extra difficulties, especially when dealing with the travel of out-of-town guests, but it can be well worth it and still be a great party.Here are a few things to consider when booking your weekday wedding:

Naturally, Fridays Are The Best Option: Friday weddings have become considerably normal in the spectrum of today's weddings. The Friday wedding is almost as good as the weekend because it leads directly into it. People may need to get off work a few hours earlier and perhaps out-of-town travelers would have to ask for one extra day off, but most importantly you can have your dance party later into the night because nobody works tomorrow!

Saturdays Are Open For FUN!: With all that pesky wedding business out of the way, now you have the weekend to have fun with your friends and family, and of course your new spouse : ) Take in the surroundings and plan an outdoor bbq or hike. You can plan an outing for Saturday, and then tie the weekend together with a send-off brunch on Sunday morning. A perfect end to a perfect weekend!

Venues Are More Available:

Imagine being in the beginning stages of the wedding planning process, but alreadybeing certain about where your dream venue is. You call that venue and ask if “your” Saturday is available......you hear a sigh....and then “Sorry we've been booked on weekends since Christmas”. Great! Now What!? This is an unfortunate reality for some of the most popular venues, and if you can't see yourself getting married anywhere else, then a weekday wedding may be your ticket to your dream wedding.

If You Can't Book A Friday: In the chance that you can't book a Friday, there are a few things to consider. Remember that most people will be working that day, so to be safe, don't start the wedding until 6pm so your guests will have enough time to make it there. And for people traveling from out of town, make sure you let them know that you are very grateful for them taking time out of their week to be there. Encourage them to stay the weekend if possible so you can repay them with some fun on the town.

And of course, I saved the best for last......it can be A LOT cheaper! Wedding budgets come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes the only way you can afford your dream venue is to embrace the weekday wedding. Traditional weddings usually end up being an expensive endeavor, and this is a great way to cut costs. There are of course a few downsides to the weekday wedding, but the benefits are real also, so keep an open mind. Whether you're locking down your dream venue because of availability or price, the weekday wedding is what can make that dream come true. It gives you options when you feel like you may not have any, and options mean that you can create the perfect day that you deserve!

Adrian Cavlan