What do you mean the party's over?!?!?

Mezcal Patio -

Mezcal Patio -

How many times have you been to a wedding and thought - Why is it ending so early - We're just warming up!!

There are many venues that have sound ordinances and can't go past a certain time. As a bride or groom you don't want the party to end. So what do you do?

How about an After Party near the venue?

This has become pretty popular for couples whose guests have come in from all over the world and want to enjoy as much time as they can with their friends and family after the reception.

A couple ideas for you to consider:

Find a restaurant that has space to host a get together with you and your friends. A lot of restaurants slow down after 10:00pm (typically when a reception ends because of the sound ordinance).

Some bars have a private area where they host events and would love to have more customers.

I recently did a wedding for a couple that lived out of the area and so did the guests. They wanted to go somewhere after to continue the celebration in downtown San Jose near their hotel.

I put them in touch with a great Mexican restaurant & bar called Mezcal. They made plans in advance and arranged for late night snacks and drinks. It should also be mentioned that we set up a full DJ system with karaoke and the guests had a blast!

It was a perfect way to wrap up the evening for the all those who attended.

If you need more suggestions on what you can do or where to throw an After Party - Contact any of us at Sound In Motion.


Adrian Cavlan