What's the soundtrack to your wedding day?

by "King Raffi" Nalvarian

What's the soundtrack to your wedding day?

Think of your wedding day as emotional journey. You've spent time planning, organizing and thinking about who's going to sit where and why people haven't responded to the RSVP you sent out 4 months ago. You also do think a bit about your music for the wedding day...Wait - do you?

How important is music? It sets a tone from the minute your guests arrive to your wedding.

Often times people think that a packed dance floor defines a great night. It defines PART of a great night.

It's very easy to tell a DJ to play whatever sounds good and that's good enough. We don't think that way. Our opinion is that your music should reflect a lot of your personality and vibe. One of the biggest compliments we get from a guest is "This sounds like the bride and groom's taste in music. Not the typical cookie cutter set list." This is HUGE for us. It means we've LISTENED to the bride and groom and understand their taste in music.

Think of your music selections and genres in segments:

Pre ceremony - Should have the similar genre as the actual ceremony music.

Ceremony - Can be ANYTHING you want. From the most traditional (Canon In D) all the way to Dave Matthews Band - You & Me for the processional.

Cocktail Hour - Depends on where your event is taking place. When I'm doing a wedding at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga. I love to suggest Spanish guitar for cocktails in the courtyard. It just has the right feel for the space.

Dinner Music - This gets interesting - Think of yourself catching up with friends, laughing, listening and sharing stories. One thing you don't want to do is compete with music.

Again the music should reflect your style but think about what would sound "COOL" without being in the way of good conversation.

Dancing - Rockin' down the house! This is when people are READY to just let loose! A variety of music is a must. Just as you have a variety of guests in age and what they may like to hear. Let's finish the soundtrack to your wedding strong!

We will help you take the pieces of your puzzle (songs and artists) to help create different emotions and a memorable wedding day!

Happy Planning!!

Adrian Cavlan