When is "The Moment"?

The Intercontinental Clement Hotel, Monterey

The Intercontinental Clement Hotel, Monterey

A part of being a professional in the special event industry is understanding the importance of “the moment”. “The moment” is a sacred point in time where memories are made, friendships are strengthened, and happiness thrives. These situations should be cherished, and not ignorantly interrupted.

For example, a wedding DJ should not be constantly in the newlyweds' face asking questions throughout the day. These questions should be handled ahead of time in the planning process. If questions still need to be asked, a proper understanding of timing is crucial. When the bride is having a joyful discussion with a grandparent during dinner, this may not be the best time to poke your head in for a question. It may be a wise decision to wait until a tasteful opening presents itself. One of the main goals of the job of a DJ is to facilitate these special moments, working behind the scenes to enable them to happen for our clients. It is hard to call this a job, as it is more of an honor.Another side of this can be seen in videography services. While the DJ works to facilitate these moments, the videographer aims to capture them. However, as the DJ can ask a question at the wrong time, a videographer can interrupt a moment just as easily. The popular aerial drones, for example, have made many appearances at weddings over the past few months. These are flying, remote controlled devices that have cameras mounted to them. They undoubtedly are able to capture breathtaking images from above that can really set off a wedding video. However, timing is crucial here as well. Imagine one of these drones flying around as somebody is giving a heartfelt toast. At this point, the drone becomes a visual and audible distraction to the guests. It can really take away from the significance of the moment.

Of course, to get the absolute best shot, a videographer may need to get front and center (and they should not be afraid to do so if the situation calls for it). However, timing is crucial to allow the maximum enjoyment of the moment at hand. A proper professional can understand and respond accordingly to this concept. Keep in mind that if you want the maximum cinematic experience, the video crew may have to behave differently during the event. Be clear with your vendors about what your expectations are, and ask questions about what it will look like to deliver on those expectations.

To sum it up, ask yourself one question, “What is better, the moment, or the preservation of the moment?” There is no wrong answer, but be sure to take the proper steps to ensure that you get what you are looking for.

Nick Conforti

Adrian Cavlan