Frank Loera



Meet Frank Loera.

Born & raised in San Jose, California, Frank fell in love with music in the late 80s/early 90s after receiving a stereo as a gift, for Christmas.

Today, he is almost always listening to music on his phone or computer. Aside from his love of music, Frank is also a talented visual artist that enjoy's drawing, painting, and graphic design. He volunteers with a non-profit group involved with performing arts and theater production. He has an Associate's degree in Business Administration and has worked many jobs but none as fun and rewarding as a DJ and MC for Sound In Motion.

Frank is organized and well prepared, and easy to work with. He enjoys making people laugh and having a good time.

Give him a call today and he'll work on making your event fun and memorable for you, and all your guests!

Frank having some fun at Nestldown!