Jason Kei



Riding off of his success from multiple singing competitions including Singtao and ETTV America’s acclaimed contests, Jason has pursued a singing career professionally at various live events. The opportunity struck where he was able to transition from just a live performer, to what is now 6 years and hundreds of MC, officiation, and live singing performance experiences under his belt. Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, inquire about his Singing/Live Band/MC Hosting package!

經過各大小歌唱比賽如全美的東森新人王和中國好聲音美洲決賽, 或北加州的 i-Sing與星島樂壇新勢力的到名次與洗禮後, 正式從業和活躍於各種歌唱表演. 6年前機緣巧合下從歌唱表演擴展到主持/主婚人的職責, 到現在有幸為數百場不同大小規模的活動效力. 精通於國粵英3語, 有意者可以徵詢Jason提供的主持/歌唱表演套餐啊!