Jordan Graham



During a trip to Arizona, 13-year-old Jordan Graham and his cousin found the family’s video camera and made a short horror film, using props from around the house. When they completed the project, it was presented to their families. From the moment his first “pop-out” scare made the family members literally jump, Jordan’s fate was sealed. He knew then that he wanted to make movies!

In high school, he made short films for the school rallies, casting teachers and students as his celebrities. He became recognized as the “guy who made movies” and was awarded “most likely be become famous” by his peers. After graduation, with the cost of film school too expensive, he began to build his own career.

At eighteen,after a music producer saw some of his short film projects online, Jordan was asked to direct and shoot a music video for American Idol finalist, Nikki McKibbin.

A week after completing the video, he began work on his first attempt at a feature film, Midground, with a filmmaking friend. The project had no script and took three years to complete. The budget, a meager $150.00, was recognized by the Guinness Book World Records for being the cheapest film ever made. Unfortunately, due to complications, the project was abandoned and never received that record title. Despite all of its challenges, Midground served as Jordan’s “film school”, and it taught him the necessary essentials to become the artist he is today.

In 2011, Jordan was approached by Sound In Motion and was asked to collaborate with them in creating wedding videography for their clients. During that time Jordan also began work on his first completed and distributed feature film Specter. The film was created on a $1,300.00 budget. Jordan not only served as the only film crew for the majority of the shoot, but he also did the editing, special effects and sound design.

He has worked extremely hard to perfect his craft with no formal training and anticipates applying that same work ethic to all future projects and wedding videos.

He is known as one of the top professionals in his field in our area, and one look at his wedding videos will show you why! 

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