Kathleen Schwartz


kathleen schwartz.png

I was trained in film photography as an undergrad at Stanford, and have been shooting all over the world for more than ten years.  I've done it all -- mushroom festivals, yarn bombings, unicycle parades -- and weddings are my favorites.  Every wedding is new!  Sparkling brides, overexcited children, bright flowers... meaningful family heirlooms and traditions... those stolen moments that unfold during the day, brimming with emotion and history.

My photographic style is light, bright, and natural. My personal style is calm, relaxed, and reassuring (and after over a decade and hundreds of weddings, I've rolled with it all!).  I have a knack for seeing behind the scenes, the emotions and relationships; the little details that are part of the whirl of your day.  I love being able to show you not only the most significant rituals and traditions that a wedding brings, but also all the little moments that are happening around and behind you at the same time.

Every single chaotic, crazy wedding day fills me with gratitude.   It is an honor to step into this celebration of your new family and document it for you.  I love these colorful slices of life that we call "images."  Something that lasts, that you can pass down. Your wedding images are your very first family heirlooms. A wedding is the birth of a family.