Kenken Mai



With over 500 wedding hosting experiences, Kenken is always passionate to help you planning an ideal wedding. Kenken has special multi-language skills, with the combination of Cantonese, Mandarin and English, your family and guests can totally get involved on your big day! Your wedding day represents responsibility and trust to us , we will try our best to prepare a memorable day for you.超過500場的婚宴,10年的磨練,麥翔雄一直堅信要為每一對新人帶來讓他們最難忘的婚宴。如果新人需要一位三語主持人,麥翔雄的國粵英語言轉換,將會為你解決婚宴上不同客人的語言要求。每一對新人最重要的一天,對於主持人來說是一份責任,也是一份信任。我們將會竭盡全力,為你們的婚宴作出最誠意的準備。