Michelle Feng



You'll usually find her cheering along all the other guests at your event. That's because DJ Michelle has a huge capacity for emotion and connecting with people -through music and otherwise. Outgoing and warm, Michelle will bring fantastic energy as well as a great set list to your event. You can count the Southern California native to play music that's as bubbly as her personality, while stile maintaining a danceable, uplifting presence for the dancefloor. A former dancer, Michelle has rhythm and enthusiasm that she'll bring to any event she DJs. Formally trained in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and even traditional Chinese dance, Michelle finds passion in the universality of dance and music across all spectrums of the human race. 

DJ Michelle has always been passionate about music: growing up, she made playlists for her friends as a hobby, and was more often times than not the aux-holder at every party.

Beyond her love of music, Michelle is also in the process of getting a BA in Political Science and Sociology, and hopes to commit to living a life in the service of others. Michelle finds her purpose amongst those around her - the capacity of human emotion and intellect feeds her own ambition to strive to be better.  Deeply creative and passionate for literature and art, Michelle also can be found nose-deep in a book or nestled in her sketchbook. Above all, DJ Michelle radiates an unmistakable, irreplaceable positive spirit that she brings to everything she does.