DJ Logan Andren

Logan Andren has understood music's power to render emotions and revitalize memories since he was a very young boy.

His musical journey started with him taking up violin in elementary school and continued as he began to perform as a vocalist and lead character in various musicals and school productions. As he entered high school, the guitar came into his life and he enjoyed playing his favorite songs as well as learning to compose his own original music. As he continues to create and explore the world of music, Logan is currently taking music courses at Cabrillo College while also enjoying the technical aspects of mixing and multi-track recording as time permits.

Aside from his passion for music, Logan stays busy pursuing a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering with an A.A. in Communication Studies. His balance of technical and academic know-how coupled with with great communication skills and an affable nature makes for a great SIM employee who knows how to get things done, but have some fun while doing them! Please call today for more information!

Here's DJ Logan at a couple of recent weddings in Ben Lomond & Carmel Valley!

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