MC Johnny Lam

A memorable wedding isn't necessarily about having the best venue or the most extravagant decorations, it's about the newlyweds being able to enjoy every moment of the wedding. Whether it is a funny love story or an emotional heartfelt journey between the couple, Johnny is dedicated to bring out the best of each moment and create an atmosphere that's unforgettable. Also as a certified officiant, Johnny specializes in hosting weddings (both ceremony and reception) that require English and Cantonese.

在Johnny 的角度來看,一個難忘的婚宴並不一定要有最好的場地或最奢華的裝飾; 最重要的是,一對新人能夠享受自己婚宴上的每一分每一秒。無論新人們的愛情故事是簡單或有趣,動人或情深,作為一個專業的主持人,Johnny會盡力為新人們營造合適的氣氛,讓每一對新人留下感動而難忘的時刻。Johnny亦是一位受認證的證婚人並擅長用英語和粵語主持結婚儀式及結婚晚宴。


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