DJ Miguel Dela Roca

Exuberant. Energetic. Outgoing.

Charismatic, engaging, charming--able to enable any crowd to dance! DJ Miguel Dela Roca has a knack for creating inviting atmospheres! If he weren't a DJ, you would still find him working in the event planning business. His aspirations of opening a social club for people to enjoy music & dance would land him right back in the music scene as he looks to foster an outlet for music artists to jam and gain exposure in the music industry! Miguel is at his best when ever he puts himself into social situations. He does an awesone job at being authentic and displaying his values and who he is as a unique individual. He is always excited to meet and learn from others and genuinely enjoys helping and providing value to others. However, Miguel lives by a code: No one can make you do it. You have to want to do it  yourself. His code and personlity has proven to get him far in his academic and business endeavors as he is a real go- getter ready to have fun and put in the work.

Often told to never change, Miguel holds true to his processes. The "how & why" are the most sacred to him. If he can understand the "why," he knows the motivation. And if he can figure out the "how," he is an asset that has value to offer! After realizing the power and necessity and role music plays in any society, its been something he's always around. "I love to dance and that's just simply something you can't do that without music."

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