And now for something completely different….

Michelle & Victor Dancing In The Clouds

Michelle & Victor Dancing In The Clouds

We all attend weddings and every couple has their own twist to their wedding day. Whether it’s a special mixed drink, photo booth, interesting centerpieces etc…

Here’s a question for you:

What would it be like to dance in the clouds? We’re not really sure but we’ve come up with something that’s the closest you’ll get to doing it.

Sound In Motion Entertainment Presents “Dancing In The Clouds”

We recently were a part of a wedding ceremony and reception at The Oceano Hotel & Spa in Half Moon Bay. The bride and groom (Michelle & Victor) wanted something different. Let’s just say they got something TOTALLY different.

Here’s a quote from Michelle –“Btw, Dancing In The Clouds was the coolest thing EVER!!”

This isn’t a typical fog machine that will set off fire alarms that make all the venue managers crazy. This is a special machine made JUST for this effect. Pretty neat.

Contact us at if you would like to learn more and have this original effect a part of your wedding day.

Adrian Cavlan