How To Choose The Right Wedding Venue

Written By Murphy Park

Choosing a Wedding Venue can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Do I want Rustic? Maybe a Beach wedding? Do I need a ballroom? These types of questions run through your head over and over, and the planning has just begun! Don't fret, we've put together some tips to help you choose the right wedding venue for you, because although most things at a wedding are optional, unfortunately, the venue is NOT.

Here are a few things to think about when choosing your venue:

Does This Venue Align With My Perfect Wedding Vision?

Sometimes it helps to start on a broader scale. Do you want classic or rustic? Do you want traditional or unconventional? First, you have to figure out the feel that you want for your wedding, then you can begin to look for venues that meet that criteria. Do you want Rustic? Then start to look at venues that offer a natural aesthetic, and cross off the venues that don't. A big part of the selection process is the elimination process, and these tools can help you cross names off the list. Eventually, your choices will begin to narrow, and then you can use some of the other tips listed here to further consolidate your options. As long as you start the selection process keeping your “perfect wedding” vision in mind, then all other decisions that follow will lead to your ideal venue.

Will This Venue Accommodate Our Guest List?

It seems like a simple question, but you'd be surprised how often something like this becomes problematic. Booking the venue is in the early stages of planning a wedding, sometimes earlier than locking down the guest list, so couples will book a venue and later find out their venue cannot accommodate that many guests. Needless to say, having to shave down a guest list is no fun for anyone, and completely avoidable, so make sure to ask these questions when visiting the venues. And if possible, have a reliable estimate on the number of guests before shopping for venues. It can save a lot of unnecessary stress down the line. This will also help you better determine your budget, a lot of wedding costs are dependent on the amount of guest you are inviting.

Will My Guests Be Able To Get To My Venue Easily?

First, is your venue in a place that will require most of your guests to travel a great distance? There is nothing wrong with a destination wedding, but keep in mind it will most likely lessen the number of guests able to attend. Second, once they arrive at the wedding will they be able to park easily at my venue? Many venues, especially rustic/outdoors, have limited space for parking, so you may be required to hire a Shuttle service. An important and necessary expense to consider when shopping for venues. If you are expecting elderly guests with mobility concerns it's important to address these issues when visiting your venues. Don't be afraid to ask questions, chances are they've had similar situations in the past and will be happy to help make a plan for success.

The wedding process is often overwhelming, especially with a big decision like choosing a venue, but remember that it's okay to have fun while doing it! Once you get past the planning and logistics, this day is all about celebrating your love, with the people that you love. And also remember that you are not alone! Don't be afraid to lean on people for help and support, and ask questions to any venues or vendors that you may have, they are happy to help and understand you're going through a lot. Hopefully, this helps a little bit with your venue selection and hopefully helps you create the perfect wedding that you deserve.

Feel free to contact Sound In Motion Entertainment if you have ANY questions about venues or would like to talk weddings! :)

Adrian Cavlan