Don't Forget To Have Fun At Your Wedding!

Party with Sound In Motion!

Party with Sound In Motion!

Wedding Reception Sing A Long at The Mountain Winery

Wedding Reception Sing A Long at The Mountain Winery

Hundreds of hours are spent planning a wedding. Picking out the wedding dress, location, date, who to invite, choosing the vendors etc. In the minds of most couples is to make sure their guests have a great time on the wedding day. The one thing that can be forgotten is making sure the couple has fun too.

I have witnessed a few brides over the years who try so hard to manage timelines, vendors and even directing guests on where to park in a wedding dress (yes this happened) - They forget about what the day is really all about.I should start by saying if you're a REALLY busy couple and extra hours are hard to come by - I would suggest you bring on a real wedding planner. They can be a great resource to take stress away leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day itself.

If you are one who wants to do it yourself - That's great too. Here are some tips on how to have fun on your wedding day:Have a clear idea of the style and feel you want for your wedding day and stick with it. In the world Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs etc - It's easy to change direction a hundred times! Stick with the plan and you'll be a lot happier.

Experienced vendors: Many of us have done hundreds of weddings and can give you some tips on good use of time or what things can be a total buzzkill on the wedding day. Some ideas look great on paper but don't execute well. So just ask. :)

Meet with all your vendors in advance to go over all the details. Often times this will create some clarity for what each vendor needs to do their job well.

Your bridal party can also be very helpful. Bridesmaids can be a great resource to help you with the small things that are little time sucks. Believe me when I tell you there are MANY of these. Get ready! :)

On the wedding day - SLOW DOWN and take it all in. Enjoy the ceremony, the vows and what they mean. When you're fully engaged in the moment - it is absolutely ELECTRIC and can bring out the best in emotions. LIVE THE MOMENT!

Without the ceremony, there is no reception.

Once the ceremony is done, you can take in the love from your family and friends as they celebrate your wedding day. They want to see you have fun on your wedding day - Just as much as you want them to do the same! Spend time chatting with your friends and make sure to get your groove on when the DJ is playing your favorite songs!

BIG NOTE - Timelines do change and adjustments are made throughout the day. As the DJ/MC we often times are adjusting on the fly because of little delays and there can be a bunch along the way. Dad deciding to run to the bathroom right before his toast. It does happen. Believe it!

Remember one thing: Your guests don't have a copy of the timeline - So if things are running a little behind, they have no idea - unless you decided to send them all the same excel doc you sent the vendors the week before the wedding!! :)

Have fun!

Raffi Nalvarian

Adrian Cavlan