Everyone Plays A Part!

Everyone knows that planning a wedding is a big undertaking. The stakes are high, priorities and opinions start emerging and you might suddenly you realize you are in way deeper than you ever imagined! Consider that if this weren’t the case, where would the value be in the full-time wedding planner who makes a career out of helping people through it?

Just like anything else, a little education (especially gleaned at the front end of the process) can make a big difference in how it all comes together and how it all comes out when it’s all said and done.

In the spirit of helping our readers understand the roles of each of the different players in the typical wedding, we have been happy to be able to call upon some members of the highly-regarded Monterey Bay Wedding & Event Professionals organization to share, in their own words, what they think a professional in their field should bring to the table in the overall wedding day “production”.

Here they are!

Master Of Ceremonies (MC) and Disc Jockey:

We’ll start here since we know a little bit about this one! Your Master Of Ceremonies should meet with you well in advance of your wedding to help you plan a celebration that will be uniquely reflective of you and your families. This includes expert guidance as to the timeline, order of events and of course planning the perfect music for each part of the day. Then, on your wedding day, he or she should be able to execute the plan that you made together, working closely with all the other vendors on site to make for a seamless and elegant presentation and then, of course, an awesome dance mix of music for later in the night.

Adrian Cavlan - Sound In Motion

Wedding Planner:

“As a wedding planner, my role is to hear the vision of the couple that they have as well as put into place the vision they aren't quite sure they have. From there, I assist with all the details in between to bring the vision to life with hiring all the amazing vendors that will be there to make their wedding dream come true. I become their friend, confidant, and go to person to relieve the stress and ensure they enjoy every moment.”

Mandi Nack - A Sparkling Event

Live Music:

“Live music gives that something extra that makes you feel you are taking part in something special. You often hear the music before you see it played and it really sets a mood. Whether asked to play something that is endearing, lovely, joyful, or the hallelujah moment when they are finally married, I love to do it! I like to create that perfect atmosphere!”

Terrence Farrell - A Carmel Guitarist


“As a wedding officiant, I work with the couple to create a ceremony that speaks their heart and their mind, faithfully representing their story, and honoring their commitment to each other. Every couple is different. Some are deeply religious, others not, and it really makes no difference to me because it’s really all about love. Love is the essence of all true religion, whatever its name. My role is to let their love for each other shine through the words that are said and the rituals that we create together.”

Brian Lyke - Life Celebrations

Bridal Attire:

“Sharing the "Bridal Experience" with my Brides and their bridal party is very special to me. I am thrilled to help them select the perfect Bridal Gown and accessories for their wedding as it is the most important day of their lives. It has created a bond of trust and friendship with the Bride, her family and Bridesmaids.”

Cathy Montante - Collezione Fortuna


“As the wedding venue, we have the distinct pleasure of being one of the first vendors chosen for the couple’s special day. The entire theme of the wedding, which vendors can be used, etc… trickle down from the venue location. Some venues, like ours, welcome any vendor and really allow the bride and groom the freedom and flexibility of making their day all their own. The location, style and feel of the event venue are the backdrop that the couple uses and affect everything from decor and food to music and photography. Our most basic goal and responsibility for the wedding is to take care of our property, building and grounds. However, we like to extend past these duties to make sure that we provide an amazing experience of customer service and hospitality that go beyond the standard property and estate maintenance expectations.”

Hunter Lowder - Holman Ranch

Hair & Makeup:

“It all starts during the consultation/trial run where we spend some nice time with the bride to really learn about what her vision is for her wedding day as well as what she will be comfortable in for the duration of the celebration. We then actually apply that look at the consultation and make sure she loves it and is really excited about it - we want her to be looking forward to how beautiful she will look and feel on her wedding day! Then, on the wedding day itself, we are usually the very first people that the bride sees, so we work hard to be on time, cheerful and ready to start the day off in the best possible way for her. It’s the best feeling to know that you were able to do that and that the rest of the day will be better because it started right.”

Shawn Cavlan - Shawn Cavlan Beauty Co.


“ ‘It was our favorite wedding investment . . ‘ ‘The whole day was a blur . . we didn’t even realize that was happening.’ ‘We’re so glad we hired a wedding videographer. . We weren’t originally planning to do it, but our friends convinced us we should have a wedding videographer.’These are the top comments we hear back from our wedding clients after we deliver their films. Of course we know the truth. Wedding videos are such an important piece of your family’s history and yet it is so often the first thing cut from the budget. We like to think we help bring our client’s wedding to life after the big day and keep it alive for generations to come, and sometimes, we actually help make the event more lively!”

Peri Basseri - Big Time Video


“A wedding to Paradise is like a day in Paradise. Happy occasion with all their friends and family. Food is a big part of this day! Good food and love in one day-what more can you ask for.Our greatest passion are cooking and gardening for our weddings!”

Nancy Rohan - Paradise Catering


“There are three main ingredients that I think a good photographer brings to every wedding: commitment, experience, and artistry. Commitment requires total preparation: I treat every wedding as though it’s my best friend’s and the only event I’m doing that year.From the conversations with the couple in the months prior to the wedding, up to the final walk-through & site check on the day of the rehearsal, I work to arrive at a shared vision, a detailed pre-visualization of their perfect day. Experience has shown that a calming presence is essential to the successful creation of the photographs during the preparation and portrait sessions, and a low-profile “non paparazzi” approach is the least intrusive and produces the most intimate and genuine results during the ceremony and reception. In the end, this combination of commitment and experience is what allows the most important part to shine through: the artistry in the fine photography that I am best known for.”

Danny Quijano - Danny Quijano Photography


“Wedding cake planning, like a beautiful cake, has so many fabulous layers to it that I enjoy so much. The excitement begins when I first get to meet the enthusiastic couple and we find a cake design that they love. Then we move on to tasting our cakes, that's when it gets hard and they can't decide on one flavor because they are all so good. That's when I like to send the taster tray home because it is easy to get what we call "caked out" where you just can't eat another bite, until later...That is. Lastly the morning of the event when I see the cake all ready to go , their vision in form, it's like sending a beautiful centerpiece off to a friend's special day.”

Jill @ The Buttery


“As an invitation designer I work with couples to create an amazing first impression for their guests. The invitation sets the tone for the event, creates excitement for the wedding day and gives guests a glimpse of what to expect. I love to create unique details like a custom wedding logo, a hand drawn image of the venue, or a custom painted floral motif that ties in with the wedding flowers. Continuing these elements through the day-of-details like menus and ceremony programs really adds a personalized touch to the wedding that reflects the couple.”

Brenna Catalano Rhoades - BC Design Studio


“The biggest role we play as professional wedding florists is helping put the clients at ease with the overall vision and execution of effective floral decor for their wedding day so they can relax and enjoy their special day. They may come to us with unarticulated goals, and we help them refine and guide them with floral decisions which ultimately brings the party to life. We look for the "a ha! "That's it!" moment and move forward from there by helping them understand that with our numerous years of experience in the floral design field, that we can get the freshest, most lovely and appropriate floral available from our extensive relationships with the best local growers and the knowledge of what flowers will last the longest, have the most availability on their particular wedding day and look best for any particular location under variable circumstances.”

Jenny & Sarah - Fionna Florals

Adrian Cavlan