Five Quick Ways To Improve Your Mixing

By Adrian Cavlan

Hey there!

Whether you are a professional DJ, a weekend warrior, or or just like playing around with music mixing as a hobby, we’d like to pass along some basic tips that will help you sound better when you are doing it.

So - here, taken right from our proprietary DJ training program that has been acknowledged as one of the most innovative and complete in our industry, are Sound In Motion’s Five Quick Ways To Improve Your Mixing -

1) Know your music: the arrangements of the songs, lyrics, etc.. Be able to audiate the song in your head.

2) Respect the phrase structure of the songs when mixing! Don’t cut phrases short. Match your 4’s, 8’s, 16’s & 32’s. Back-count to make this work when necessary!

3) Don’t mix out on the break when it’s on buildup (unless you have planned an especially deft hook substitution at payoff time!)

4) Preview the ending of your song while in cue mode

5) Let Cold and Cold Fade endings play to the end.

Any questions?

Feel free to ask, and thanks for reading!

Adrian Cavlan