Just Don't Drop The Mic...



“Mic Drop...”


Not such a smart move, my friend.

We know: you’ve seen it in all those Facebook posts and now it seems like the cool maneuver to pull at the end of your toast at your pal Vinny's wedding. “Everyone will love it!” you’re sayin’ to yourself…Well, there’s at least one person (the DJ who gave you the mic) and maybe two more people (Vinny & his lovely new bride) in the room who WON’T love it. Here’s why:

That mic you were handed to speak into (READ: not drop)? Runs about $600 clams.

So, when you drop it, your DJ? Well, he’s gonna pick it up and test it.

If you dented it, your best pal Vinny over there will be on the hook for a new windscreen - about $50 all said and done.

BUT…If that DJ goes to talk into that mic and nothing comes out?- Ohh!!

Well, now, you just gave Vinny and his bride a gift that they will NOT treasure for the rest of their days: a broken wireless mic kit that they had to BUY for $600 because YOU broke it doing your little “mic drop” stunt.

So please: Don't make a jerk outta yourself. Do the right thing. It’s the sportsman’s way.

Adrian Cavlan