My First Day On The Job At Sound In Motion

Hello, my name is Nick Conforti and I would just like to share a little bit about my first day on the job working with Sound In Motion.

For starters, I would like to make note of how I was hired. I am a film student at UCSC and was looking for any job I could that would help me through the summer. As the weeks passed, and summer grew closer and closer, I was growing extremely frustrated at my inability to locate a job, let alone locate a job that would compliment my schooling and help me grow and develop my skills. Working for money alone is not desirable to me, as I would prefer to gain life skills and knowledge that will apply to my future career in the film and entertainment industry.

Sound In Motion seemed a little too good to be true when I first applied, and I made sure not to get my hopes up. Needless to say I was very excited when I got a call from Adrian Cavlan. During our first meeting I was relieved and refreshed at hearing how Sound In Motion could properly utilize and develop my skills not only in film, but in music as well. I was quickly able to determine that the Adrian and the company respected my school experience as actual experience and recognized my potential as an employee and didn't discriminate against me because I am a young student. I decided then that this would be a job that I would be interested in for a much longer term than just the summer. This was something I could learn and grow from that would not interfere with, but rather compliment, my schooling.

The very day I was hired, I was put to work immediately! My first day on the job was hectic but exciting. I started by helping Adrian unload some equipment for a wedding in the forest at Sand Rock Farm in Aptos. I watched him set up and got my first taste of how to properly handle the equipment (speakers, microphones, etc.).

After that, we left for a wedding at the Holy Cross Hall at Mission Santa Cruz. I couldn't believe that this fun and positive atmosphere was my work environment. People were happy, the music was hopping, and I was having a great time (the food was amazingly better than my usual Ramen noodles too).

Later in the evening, Adrian sent me on a mission to deliver an extra speaker to another of our DJs who was doing a wedding at Michael's On Main in Soquel. This venue was more of a bar/restaurant style and had more of an informal atmosphere. The difference in wedding types, and the ability for the Sound In Motion DJs to adapt to different settings and crowds intrigued me. I delivered the speaker and headed back to the mission.After a night of enjoying the wedding reception and getting some film clips, Adrian sent me back to the original wedding in the forest to retrieve the gear. I packed it down, loaded it into my truck, and delivered it back to Adrian. I then went home and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I woke up the next morning excited for my next workday. My first day was nothing like I expected. I actually had a great time. Since then I have worked with Adrian, Raffi, and many other DJ's and MC's for Sound In Motion as an assistant. I am currently in training to become a DJ/MC myself and am very excited for it.

Each event has had different experiences atmospheres, but one thing I have noticed is the ability for each one of them to conduct themselves in a professional and positive manner, while maintaining their individual styles. They are not work clones of each other, but they all hold a common interest in professionalism and delivery and helping people to have a great time. It shattered my pre-conceived notions of what a DJ was and allowed me to see that Sound In Motion is a professional business, conducted by professionals, who are very good at what they do. I look forward to many more great workdays with the company.

Thanks for reading!

Nick Conforti

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Adrian Cavlan