Planning On A Budget? Know Your Guests and You'll Come Out Ahead!

By Kevin O'Scanlon

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve probably screamed aloud at least once “why does everything cost so much?!??!?!”  In an industry where you ‘pay for what you get’ and most professional wedding vendors offering their services at a premium, it can be challenging and frustrating getting the best, while trying to stay within a budget.

D and I faced the same issue in planning our own wedding.  We promised ourselves that we would stay within our budget, and in order to do so, had to make some sacrifices.  In working through the proposed budget from our venue, we realized that the hors d'oeuvre during cocktail hour were going to cost as much as an open bar for one hour...we were at that point faced with the decision, what would my guests appreciate booze, or 1 hour of crackers and cheese?  Well if you’ve ever spent a one of my evening’s off work with me, you know the answer to that....but what would our guests eat?!?!  We couldn’t leave them hungry and loaded on the comp’d cocktails, so we had to do something.  While exploring our options one night and enjoying a snack, it hit us like a bolt of lightning...EVERYBODY loves POPCORN!

We did some research and found a local gourmet popcorn company with awesome variety, and great prices (  Some of the flavors included caramel, tiramisu, cookies & cream.  We even had a close friend, who happens to be a talented caterer, make some show stopping MAPLE BACON POPCORN (

With a little artistic creativity and $300 worth of popcorn, we had a unique, fun and delicious alternative to cheese and crackers.

What creative things can you do to save money on your big day, without sacrificing quality?

Adrian Cavlan