Rainy Day Weddings Are Awesome!

Tim & April Celebrating their wedding day at The Silicon Valley Capital Club

Tim & April Celebrating their wedding day at The Silicon Valley Capital Club

By Murphy Park

I've been thinking about rainy day weddings for awhile and it's as relevant right now as it will ever be. We went without rain for five years, and we got used to it. With the recent onslaught of water, it looks like we're back to our old Central California 'selves, and unfortunately it's time to start thinking practically when planning your outdoor wedding. If possible have a back-up plan, and don't be afraid to talk to your venue about it. Preparation is important but most vital is the embracing of the rain, and not letting it spoil your day. Just remember that it creates an even more memorable wedding day, and you're still surrounded by your loved ones on a very special day. If you see rain in the forecast, remember to Prepare and Embrace!


  • Speak with the Coordinator at your venue about their possible back-up plans. If you have a Cocktail Hour that is meant to take place outdoors then they may be able to a) move it indoors or b) use portable tents to cover the cocktail/patio area.

  • Make sure to speak to the venue about the plan as early as possible. Don't wait until the last minute, the venue may need a day or two to prepare the plan, so be proactive if you see possible bad weather in the forecast.

  • Remember to keep everyone in the loop: If you have a live musician playing during your ceremony let them know that conditions may be wet so they can also prepare accordingly.


  • Remember that even if your ceremony or cocktail hour was effected by the weather, a big portion of the wedding takes place after the ceremony, including most of the fun stuff.

  • Rainy Day Dance Parties are some of the best! In a room already so full of love, the rain further unites the people on the dance floor.

  • It's just water. You worked really hard to make this day great. And you deserve a great day. Don't let some water change your great day, because it dries every time. The people are what make the day, and they'll be there rain or shine.

Life is full of challenges, that's what makes it interesting. A rainy day wedding isn't a challenge. It's a mild inconvenience on a day celebrating love with all your friends and family. Rain can only ruin the day if you let it, so embrace it.

Adrian Cavlan