SIM: A partner in the fight against Diabetes since the early '90s!



Back in the early 1990's, SIM partner Adrian Cavlan was first introduced to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and its fight against the disease. For years, Adrian personally performed at the annual JDRF Walk-A-Thon for a minimal fee, providing a P.A. system and music for the participants and MCing the ever-popular Team T-Shirt Contest.

It was an event he loved to do, but then an important thing happened at SIM: we hired an enthusiastic young DJ who had been born Diabetic, and Adrian knew that it was time to pass the baton to this great new talent at SIM who had a personal stake in this battle: Kevin O'Scanlon.

Kevin began by doing the events just as Adrian had, but then, as he assumed a more senior leadership position in the company and saw the recent economic conditions ravage the charity's funding base, he decided personally to up the ante on both his behalf and on SIM's: he decided to personally perform at all of these events for FREE.

Let's hear it in Kevin's own words:

"For the past 2 years, I have been volunteering at various events hosted by the Bay Area Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The primary goal of the JDRF and their fundraisers is to raise money to support research to find a cure for Diabetes, which affects over 28 million people in the US. During these walks I have acted as a DJ and MC, keeping the crowds pumped, and celebrating the fundraising success. This year I have taken a step up and offered my services for the JDRF Royal Ball as well as the Hope Gala. I am also an active member of the planning committees for all three of these events."

We are extremely proud of Kevin and his commitment to his charity, and we are also proud to be an organization that fosters and supports this kind of activity as part of its business mission.

We encourage you to click the links above to help support this wonderful organization.

Adrian Cavlan