Weddings: Is there a dark side?

The wedding guest list

The wedding guest list

How big is your bridal party?

How big is your bridal party?

Weddings: Is there a dark side?

By Adrian Cavlan

Ahhh, you know us here at Sound In Motion: for better or for worse, we don’t sugar coat it or shy away from human truths.

If you want a constant feed of puppies and rainbows while you are planning your wedding, you can visit almost any wedding-related blog and get that. Here, we try to just tell it like it is, and this is how we see it:

The good news is that YES - weddings are mostly fountains of happiness and joy. Rest stops in our lives where we smell the roses, sip the champagne and just generally revel in the splendor of happiness that life can offer at special times like this.But, there can be another side… one that can take some of the shine off of the whole thing a bit. Like when you find out that your dream venue that you know would be perfect that is booked out solid for the next two years. You find out that that perfect DJ you wanted costs more than double what you had budgeted. Your close friend tells you that she feels left in the cold because you didn’t ask her to be a bridesmaid. Your normally loving and easygoing parents suddenly have an opinion on everything and a guest list of 100 who-the-heck-are-they. And then what about that thing about the dress? AGGHHHHH!!!

Wasn’t this supposed to be kittens and unicorns and…?

Here’s the thing:

Never, ever, EVER let these kinds of things suck all of the joy out of this moment for you.

Yes, the planning can be time-consuming and tough. Yes, things are expensive. Yes, some people may end up being offended… but in the end, this day is your day. It is your celebratory expression of having found life’s greatest gift: LOVE. It is your reward.

It is yours to build, and yours to share. And the people who truly care about you and love you will celebrate with you.

That said, consider the following:

That dream venue? Let me tell you, there are a ton of amazing places you could celebrate in. After all, the heart of this celebration is about you and your love, and having all of your family and friends there with you. Wouldn’t that be great pretty much no matter where you had it?

The perfect DJ? Honestly, with such a huge and visible role in your wedding day presentation, let alone creating the musical soundtrack for the party, there are few places where good money spent will yield such high rate of return on your wedding day!

What? You already have six bridesmaids? Listen, in the interest of smooth sailing and happily-ever-afters, what’s adding a seventh? It makes the sides asymetrical? Well, maybe, but really, who’s counting?

And how about Mom & Dad? Yes, you may love Hip Hop, but would it be so terrible to have a few songs in there for their generation? Pick the right ones and I guarantee even your friends will enjoy them.

In conclusion, try to go easy, but know that you’ll need to buckle in for the ride. It’s a GREAT ride, but not without its few bumps along the way. Remember that here at Sound In Motion, you are in the hands of trusted long-time professionals who know how to smooth out a few of those for you when you need it : )

And lastly, remember this: Great memories are priceless.

Adrian Cavlan