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Kathleen Schwartz
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I was trained in film photography as an undergrad at Stanford, and have been shooting all over the world for more than ten years.  I've done it all -- mushroom festivals, yarn bombings, unicycle parades -- and weddings are my favorites.  Every wedding is new!  Sparkling brides, overexcited children, bright flowers... meaningful family heirlooms and traditions... those stolen moments that unfold during the day, brimming with emotion and history.

My photographic style is light, bright, and natural. My personal style is calm, relaxed, and reassuring (and after over a decade and hundreds of weddings, I've rolled with it all!).  I have a knack for seeing behind the scenes, the emotions and relationships; the little details that are part of the whirl of your day.  I love being able to show you not only the most significant rituals and traditions that a wedding brings, but also all the little moments that are happening around and behind you at the same time.

Every single chaotic, crazy wedding day fills me with gratitude.   It is an honor to step into this celebration of your new family and document it for you.  I love these colorful slices of life that we call "images."  Something that lasts, that you can pass down. Your wedding images are your very first family heirlooms. A wedding is the birth of a family.

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Robin Fadke
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I've always been drawn to lovely things, a desire to create beauty, a love of theatre, melodic music, and romantic films. I take inspiration from everything around me— art, books, photographers I admire, real life events and small features of everyday life. I adore families coming together, a perfect dress hanging, the small intimate items of a wedding, but most importantly, I embrace the privilege to capture these moments and details for you!

Before picking up a camera my main intent lies in establishing a relationship with you—sharing your visions and designs, and to listen to your ideas, questions and concerns. Our engagement session is a great way to begin to connect and I always include it complementary for this reason. When your wedding day arrives, we can look forward to already being in a comfortable and trusting place, anticipating the excitement that awaits you, your family, and your friends on your special day!

A little more about me- I'm currently in my tenth year of photographing both eastern and western weddings, and still retain the love and excitement for every event. I have experience shooting weddings inside and outside of California and travel has always added to the allure for me. I'm creative, resourceful, dependable, artistic and very adaptable to style or circumstance— My photography can easily shift between intimate and formal, however my preference lies with the candid and contemporary. I'm easy to work with and pride myself in the ability to work without being intrusive. Lets enjoy your day with minimal interruption!

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Scott Maddern
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Scott is a California native who grew up in Monterey and San Jose.  He started playing drums at a young age and in 1990 began recording music and touring with Reggae bands Inka Inka, Dub Nation and Dub FX. He also backed many top Reggae artists including Judy Mowatt, Sister Carol, and Yami Bolo.

After the birth of his son in 2009, Scott picked up his first DSLR camera and quickly fell in love with the art form while photographing his own children.  He then moved on to shoot portraits and headshots, as well as landscape photography.

As his skills grew and word began to spread, he eventually was hired to shoot product and lifestyle photography for bicycle company Public Bikes, where he was able to develop a strong set of studio lighting techniques.  

After this experience, Scott decided to pursue photography full time and bring his knowledge of both natural and studio lighting to wedding, event and portrait photography.

Scott’s artistic background, both in music and in various photographic genres, provides the foundation for his unique style.  He feels that all art forms relate to each other and can support one’s artistic vision. He draws parallels between mixing a song in the recording studio and processing an image: the most important part is having a vision for what you want to create, and making it happen.


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Andrew Zavala
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I'm a husband, music lover and a storyteller. I've been fortunate enough to capture different parts of the world. I've been capturing happy and memorable moments for many years.

My goal every time I go out to shoot is to capture and tell an amazing story in images. Photo stories are what drive me. Whether it's spending a day with a musician, shooting a concert, sporting event, street and travel photography or with a family to capture a photo story of them in their natural environment, everyone has a story and I want to capture it.

You don't need to be famous to have your photo story told, everyone has a story and I want to be the person who not just tells it but captures it with emotional images that live on. My goal is to make people feel like they were there or apart of the photo story I am telling.

In a world of "snapshots" and uninteresting photos, please allow me to capture your photo story and leave you with photos that make you feel their emotions and live on forever.


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Deanna Graham
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 I love shooting weddings and find the whole experience to be filled with so much excitement and anticipation!

Being selected to photograph a wedding is such an honor and I walk with you on this adventure listening to what you want and offering thoughts and ideas to make your day perfect.

I bring to the table over 20 years of experience, knowing how to move through your day with a quiet calm and confidence that you will need.

I work fast but yet very methodically, always paying attention to the details and on what's coming next.

My style is filled with romance and one of a kind moments that only happen by being in each second of the day with your whole heart.

I am very excited to be a part of the SIM team as I have been working side by side with them for years and love the professionalism and talent that they bring every single event.

Lets capture your love and memories together :-)


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Sarah Kellner
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As a lifelong resident of the California Bay Area, Sarah Kellner has spent the last decade capturing all walks of life.

Sarah is an avid reader and writer, constantly researching and growing in any capacity as a human being to be the best version of herself.  No stranger to the stage, Sarah is also a talented vocalist and actress, who has been featured on platforms such as TedTalks.

An eccentric when it comes to natural light, Sarah incorporates supple natural lighting from “golden hour” during sunset, to simple soft light of a well-lit room. Capturing the essence of a wedding day is done by combining photojournalistic skills and natural posing.  Sarah’s objective is to let you be immersed in the wonder of the day, and capture natural reactions.

She has successfully found her place in the wedding world as being both a fly on the wall, observing the events around, and a gentle ring leader to guide everyone through the day.

With a background in interpersonal communications and film studies, Sarah is not only more than qualified for having an artistic eye, but she can most definitely keep you entertained. She can honestly say that she will laugh at her own jokes.  Even when she too, doesn’t get the punchline. With an infectious personality, Sarah has the ability to set you at ease and make photography the most stress-free part of your day.