A Look Inside Latin Music

Being a diverse DJ at Sound in Motion, I've had events that require some epic Latin songs to keep the party going. The biggest request I have working in the Bay Area have been for Banda and Cumbia. Although they are completely different from each other. Banda (more regional Mexico origin) consisting of a 16 person group, mainly composed of brass instruments, and Cumbia (more tropical Latin/Colombian origin) is more intricate with a combination of brass, woodwinds, and percussions.

Sometimes accordions and guitars are incorporated to add a little kick. Like American music, there are thousands of hot tracks coming out with aspiring artist every day! HOWEVER, some of the biggest hits are actually well known "aged" songs. A great example of an artist/groups that has been around for years is Banda el Recodo. This Banda is known world wide as "La Madre de Bandas" meaning "Mother of all Bands". Celso Piña is another well aged Cumbia artist who inspired the world of music with some of the greatest hits known to get people out of their seats! These are two of the many artist that songs are without a doubt 20 plus years old and still being played!

Here is my top 5 go to tracks for Banda and Cumbia. ENJOY!


1) El Sonidito - Hechizeros Band

2) La Chona - Los Tucanes de Tijuana

3) Vamonos de Fiesta - Banda el Recodo

4) El Sinoalense - Banda el Recodo

5) No soy Monedita de oro - Banda Machos


1) Cumbia Sobre Del Rio - Celso Piña

2) Cumbia de la Cobra - Fito Olivares

3) Cumbia Sampuesana - Conjunto Tipico Vallenato

4) Techno Cumbia - Selena

5) Juana la Cubana - Fito Olivares

Adrian Cavlan