Why do I want a bundle package?

By Shawn Cavlan

Time. It is such a valuable commodity. In some ways it is worth more than cash and it is something that everybody wishes they had more of. When we are running out of time we typically feel stressed and lack enjoyment in what is happening in our lives. Planning a wedding takes A LOT of time. There are venues to research, photographers to interview, DJs to consider, etc etc etc. All of this takes time. Your engagement is supposed to be full of anticipation, fantasy, love, and excitement. Preferably not bickering, feeling resentful, feeling angry, and all of the negative emotions that come with being stressed and watching the calendar click by rapidly. How can you have both the engagement period you want AND be able to have quality vendors that you don’t have to micromanage through the planning process and on the day of the wedding?

It is possible to have one single point person who can provide you DJ/MC, Photography, Videography, Photo Booth, and Decor Lighting. This would be someone that is very available via all forms of communication, is a one stop place for questions to be answered, ideas to bounce off of, knowledge on how to maximize your experience at your venue, and connect you for all of your meetings with your DJ and Shooters.At Sound In Motion, we realized that if we can offer these bundle packages to our couples, not only would we be able to offer them at a more valuable rate, but the REAL value is in the time and sanity savings for the couples. So much less work for you! You still can interview the DJ and Shooters before booking, if you desire. You will still have total access to them during the planning process. None of that is taken away. What you gain is not having to coordinate all of the meetings, making sure each service is working with each other for maximum level of service and synchronicity, and making sure you are supported for all of the planning.

When many of your key vendors all come from the same company, there is a shorthand that happens behind the scenes in the planning and on the day of the wedding. These professionals are a team and they love it when they are able to work together. That always shows in the quality of your wedding day. Your timelines are synched, there is easy communication between them on the day of, and nothing will be missed because there are so many eyes on different aspects of what is going on. We had one wedding where a young guest broke out into a break dance in the center of the dance floor. The DJ texted the photographer who was shooting some stills of the cake in another room. He came running in and got fantastic shots of the dancer! He would have missed it otherwise.

When we are able to bundle services together, it does allow us to shave margins a bit. This becomes a financial savings for you. We all know that wedding budgets can get carried away. This allows many couples to have the level of quality they are desiring and having it fit better within the budget they are trying to stay within. A win-win!

Give us a call or an email and we can start putting together what it could look like for you to have a combination of our services for your wedding day. We know you will be happy with the quality we are known for AND the ease in working with a team of professionals that have your happiness as their goal.




Adrian Cavlan